How do I join?

Holybourne theatre offers a wide range of options to people interested in amateur dramatics; acting, directing, stage management, lighting, sound, music, backstage, props, to name but a few. It also offers facilities for all ages, from the Youth Theatre up to adult productions. If you are interested directly in these activities, why not consider becoming a member?

Membership Benefits

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Membership is open to ages 16 and above and includes the following:

  • The ability to participate in performances
  • Children can join the Youth Theatre
  • An invitation to social events.
  • An entitlement to a vote at the Annual General Meeting to elect the Directors of the Company.
  • Participate in the Theatre Facebook group

Membership Rates

  • Individual member (adult) £16 per year
  • Family membership £24 per year

Why not become a Patron? Benefits for Patron Membership are as above, but also include The Patron’s name listed in every show programme. We ask a minimum contribution of £35 per year to become a patron.

So how do I join?

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Join us by filling in our membership form.

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